Knock knock… Sparky’s here!

Hi followers, today it’s my task to write a daily report on this survey. My name is Wim Versteeg and I am working for the Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ). Last year I was also one of the participants of the Porcupine survey. My experience from my previous job at RCMG as seismic geophysicist was needed to install and fix possible problems with the high resolution seismic sparker system. Before this survey the old SIG-sparker and SIG-streamer were replaced by new ones. Unfortunately the new power supply was delivered too late for this survey. Last year’s sparker-data was marvelous, but also this year very spectacular results were already acquired in the first days. If you would like to have more info about the seismic-system please read my blog last year!

The ROV-Genesis from the VLIZ will also be used this year if the weather permits. For ROV deployments we need very calm weather (wind)-conditions and as you read on the previous blogs we are still waiting for good weather. Also this year Robin and Thomas are completing the VLIZ-team, but now as experienced pilot and navigator for our ROV-system. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog of Benoit and Yves, we did yesterday some ROV-tests in Bantry Bay. Last year a new GAPS-USBL system was acquired by the VLIZ replacing the old one after 13 years of good service. The GAPS-software is totally renewed and yesterday Thomas had time to become more experienced with this new navigation software. During these tests we also installed a BlueView-camera on the ROV which will be used as a very high resolution multibeam system. The result of the tests was promising and hopefully we can obtain nice results the next days.

Last night we sailed again to our survey area as better weather conditions are foreseen the next days. Before starting our seismic measurements Benoit and Yves were present at sunrise to observe if cetaceans were present. Thanks guys to wake up early for us :-). After breakfast the measurements started and are still busy for now. We expect to dive tomorrow with the ROV. If you would like to see if we succeed please read the next blog!

seismic workstation

Wim monitoring the acquisition of the seismic data

seismic data

Some very nice data coming in!

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